I’m sure you know of someone in your industry who attracts all the attention online, and even offline. That person (sometimes referred to as an expert or influencer) stands out amongst the crowded marketplace we all play in. They are always filling a room, putting bums on seats at an event and engaging an audience with what they have to say, and people believe them and take note of their insights. What these people achieve is done so through the success of their own personal brand.

What we have to understand is that we are in human to human to business. As silly as that sounds, it’s the truth. Consumer trust diverts to the people behind the brand, not the brand itself. This is why so many business owners are jumping at the opportunity to leverage the various tools available to build a  personal brand for the benefit of their business.

Social media provides us with the platforms to do just this, and in professional services, LinkedIn is a great place to start building a following, credibility and a personal brand.

This is what we’re going to be diving into today … how professional service business owners can step up their presence on LinkedIn and build a profile that will propel their personal profile as an expert behind a brand, but also the business that person is associated with. If you’re looking at re-evaluating your marketing strategy to take a more human approach, then let’s talk building a personal brand on LinkedIn!

In this episode, we go overseas! Joining us all the way from lovely Nice in France, is Daria Vodopianova. Daria is a speaker, entrepreneur and social media strategist dedicated to empowering startups and entrepreneurs to work smarter with social media. As founder of Murashka Consulting, she is passionate about building online communities, herself reaching 15,000 connections daily throughout her social media platforms. Daria is also a Tedx speaker, recently speaking at Tedx University of Melbourne. In this episode, our 20th episode on the Marketing Crunch Podcast, Daria and Tys Cobb talk about how to upscale your profile on LinkedIn and give it the WOW factor, and tips to start building your personal brand on the platform. So let’s cross over to France and hear Daria’s insights!


  • Why personal branding is an important strategy in the professional services space
  • How LinkedIn has helped business owners in professional services enhance their personal brand
  • What the launch of native video on LinkedIn means for building a personal brand on the platform
  • Ways a business owner in professional services can upscale their profile on LinkedIn


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