Practical Marketing Presentations

Plain english practical takeaways to start maximising return on marketing

Speaking Topics

Tys has presented a various marketing and business events and has appeared as a guest on many podcasts talking on areas of marketing he is most passionate about. Tys’ engaging presentation style offers plain english practical takeaways for business owners and marketers to apply to their business to start maximising their return on marketing.

Inbound Marketing

Dive deep into the world of inbound marketing and discover why the inbound methodology is being adopted by more businesses around the world to achieve a 3x higher ROI on marketing

Video Marketing

Video isn't a new thing in business, it's happening right now. Find out how you can create compelling video content to move an audience to action and win new clients

B2B Marketing Strategy

There are many complexities and ROI pressures when it comes to marketing in B2B. Learn different ways and strategies to consider when marketing your business and deal with these ongoing growth pressures.


Presentation Length

25 minutes to 45 minutes


Small to Medium Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professional Marketers

Speaking Fee

To be negotiated

*All speaking engagements are as Head of Marketing at businessDEPOT.

Example Presentation:

5 Steps to Creating

Compelling Video Content to

Move an Audience to Action

Example Presentation:

5 Steps to Creating
Compelling Video
Content to Move an
Audience to Action

This presentation draws on real examples of businesses in the B2B space who are creating consistent & authentic video content that moves an audience to action. Learn how these businesses produce consistent & authentic video content that is deemed valuable to prospective & current clients, and how you can do the same in your business.

Discover how you can produce a consistent video series on a weekly basis and the tools, tactics & strategies needed for successful implementation.

Presentation Length:  35 minutes

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