Hey everyone, Tys Cobb here. I want to take a quick moment to thank you for joining me on the Marketing Crunch Podcast, where I’ll be interviewing business owners, marketers, and marketing crusaders each week about how they are growing their firm, how they are generating quality leads beyond their referral network, and how marketing has delivered the success they needed to grow to a truly remarkable firm.

When I’m talking with the business owners on the show, we’ll take a deep dive into how they are embracing current marketing trends, what their lightbulb moment was that drove them to have a strong focus on marketing, what their biggest marketing boo boo was, and how focussing less on referrals and word of mouth and more on marketing has allowed to take control of their growth and scale their firm to new heights.

Each interview will be different in its own right… Not only am I talking to business owners in accounting, financial planning and legal services who have proven they are doing exceptional marketing by themselves… I’ll also be talking with the trained experts, marketers, specialising in the B2B space will be joining me to dive deeper into strategies, tactics, technologies and tools that you can implement into your firm’s marketing strategy, and also what you will need to be looking out for in the near future.

My favourite part in each episode is in the final minutes, which I’m calling, crunch time … At the end of each episode, I’ll ask 3 quick fire questions leading to my guest’s number one marketing approach that you need to be doing now to stand out from the noise, attract ideal clients, and create a truly remarkable firm.

And you know, a lot of the time business owners really struggle when it comes to implementing new ideas and marketing activities. They lack the confidence, the knowledge, the processes or even the time and commitment. Sound familiar? That’s why after each interview we’ll drop the top knowledge bombs you can takeaway and implement some marketing magic into your firm.

So that’s the podcast. I hope what I’ve taken you through thus far gives you a good idea of the value each episode will provide to empower you to think outside the box, rely less on your word of mouth to get that phone ringing, and attract quality clients by implementing great marketing into your firm.

Now, I want to share with you why I created the Marketing Crunch Podcast.  I’ve been a marketer in the professional services industry (primarily accounting) for a little over 2 years now. I’ve been provided so many open doors that enabled me to implement innovative marketing strategies into the firm, beyond what was considered the “norm” in accounting. There was one thing that started to bug me about the industry though. Allow me to explain.

One Wednesday evening I was at a networking event. Towards the end of the event, I got to talking with a small business owner about marketing in her business, and our conversation got to talking about the strategies she uses for lead generation and her conversion techniques. She was a financial planner, let’s call her, Fiona. I remember talking to her about many things, but there was one thing that she had said to me that opened my eyes in shock. During our conversation, I started talking with her about content marketing. She really didn’t have that much of an idea of what content marketing really was! One of the most well-known and practiced marketing approaches today, with on average 88% of businesses using content in their marketing mix, she not only wasn’t using in her business, she didn’t understand why she should be practicing this approach to grow her firm. I asked “what is your main source of leads”, which she answered “all of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth. I don’t really focus much on marketing”. I remember asking, “Are you referrals a steady source of new clients for your firm?”, which she replied something along the lines of, “we have our peak moments, sometimes it’s up, sometimes it goes a little quieter”.

So this got me thinking, how many other businesses within these industries weren’t applying basic marketing strategies, and who were only relying on word of mouth referrals, sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring. Many of the firms I looked into simply fell short when it came to any form of marketing or credible presence to a first-time visitor at any touchpoint. To put it simply, each firm had a marketing “crunch”. There was an obvious shortage of marketing, marketing that I think is necessary, today more than ever!

Some had a good website, some had a really bad website. Others had a blog, but their last post was 3 months ago. Some firms were trying to sell on social media instead of building a loyal following and building a healthy database. And the frustrating thing was, when I asked some of other business owners why they don’t put more focus on marketing for their firm, some shared a common response … “I do though, we’re very active on social media and we write blogs”. Yeah, blogs every few months, and trying to on social media. Others also said they relied mainly on referrals. Sure, referrals are a great source of new clients, but today, it isn’t the only source and sometimes isn’t the most effective. I told them that “you rely on them at your peril, but referrals aren’t necessarily the right type of client and are not a consistent and scalable source of new business. The lead flow would become sporadic, surely you can’t do this forever!?”. I asked “What happens when your referral sources and leads from these sources dry up? You need to be where your prospective clients are looking. You need to be where their attention is”.

I could see so many things wrong with this picture. I was hearing and reading about so many accountants, financial advisors and lawyers detaching themselves from the “big guys” and starting up their own practice. Surely, these challenger firms who were considered “boutique” would apply some form of simple and effective marketing strategies to grow their business beyond the traditional approach, right?

My own frustrations drove me to my “AHA” moment, to my determination to change the way historically traditional businesses, and business owners, approach lead generation, client conversion and brand advocacy. So, I decided to create a forum for these business owners, and marketers in these industries, to learn and be inspired to embrace marketing in their business, in addition to their referral strategy. The Marketing Crunch Podcast was born.

That was my lightbulb moment which started me on my journey to creating this podcast. My goal is to make a difference, to encourage change. I want to inspire accountants, financial advisors and lawyers to look at the bigger picture of their brand and business, and give them the insight to help them create a roadmap to achieve their goals. To create marketing that their prospective and current clients will love, marketing that will shift public perception of these professions and help them create a truly remarkable firm.

So that’s the Marketing Crunch Podcast and my reason for launching the show. Now that I’ve given you some insight into this podcast and why it exists, I’ll quickly take your through, and end the episode, with a little bit about me!

I’m Tyson Cobb, you can call me Tys. I was born in central Queensland, raised in Brisbane, and am the youngest of 4 boys. After finishing my grade 12 year I went on to start what I thought was a promising career in Film and Television. I was going to be the next Quentin Tarantino, or the next Martin Scorsese, at least I thought so. After a few years of study and working (and often volunteering) on a few Australian Feature films, music videos and TV commercials, I quickly discovered that this profession wasn’t for me. So I left the film and television industry, not really knowing what I wanted to do. I needed money so I decided to go for the office job and landed myself a low-level position at what is now a well-known and popular gourmet food franchise. It wasn’t long before I started to take an interest in marketing, and consumed all the knowledge I could from the business owners. I had the privilege of working for some amazing people in this business, so I was able to study marketing whilst I was working full time as their marketing assistant, then to marketing coordinator, and then to national marketing coordinator of what was then a nationwide franchise with 70+ stores.

At 24, I moved to the big smoke of Australia, Sydney, where I dived deeper into digital marketing and then on to integrated advertising, which gave me the opportunity to work on some of Australia’s biggest brands and some amazing campaigns for banks, financial institutions, entertainment companies, construction businesses and so many more.

Unexpectedly and amazingly, I met my soul mate, Mia, and it wasn’t long before we decided to move back to Brisbane. So we were off back to my home town where I would continue my advertising career working on some even more amazing brands! But I knew something wasn’t right. I knew my calling was back in the strategic marketing space, helping small to medium business owners reach a level of success they wholeheartedly desire through marketing. So at 27, I began working as a marketer within the accounting industry … which wasn’t a common position. A marketer, marketing an accounting firm? Really?

This lead me to where I am now, talking to you. Talking about the things that I am most passionate about and what you will soon be passionate about also, if you aren’t already.

I know there is a marketing crusader within you who is screaming to be unleashed, you may not know it yet. But I’m going to help you bring your inner marketer to the surface and help you scale your business through marketing to reach your full potential and achieve your vision.

Again, I want to thank you for coming along and lending me your ears on the Marketing Crunch Podcast. I hope that one or many of the episodes to come will trigger a lightbulb moment for you, or provide you with the power to grow your firm to where it should be. I know that from the stories you’ll hear, you’ll gain some valuable strategies and insights to help you implement some great marketing into your firm, marketing that your prospects and clients will love. Folks, these days, there is more to client acquisition in traditional businesses than just waiting for referrals to call you … so, SO much more! And you know what, it’s kind of fun too!

If you see value in this podcast for you and your firm, head to iTunes and subscribe, give my show a review and a rating (hopefully 5 stars if you think I deserve it, if not, I’ll step it my game!).

Help me spread my message of change. Change in the way firms approach marketing.

Start thinking differently, get rid of that marketing “crunch” in your firm, and fill it with marketing magic.

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