It is true that traditional marketing strategies are failing a lot of businesses in professional services. The traditional methods are based on the concept that marketers and businesses need to make a case for a product or service. This is the traditional thinking that has led to many promising business ideas fall behind those who are realizing it’s the digital age. An age when everyone and everything is connected. Where businesses now need to offer value to consumers more than ever before beyond their products and services. Where consumers are giving their attention to their smart phones, to their social media profiles and their search results in Google.

Your traditional and digital marketing should be integrated to maintain a consistent message across all your touch points, only then, will you really begin seeing desired outcomes in your brand visibility and purchase decisions.

Joining the Marketing Crunch Podcast in this episode is Tanya Williams. Tanya is the COE (Chief of Everything) at Digital Conversations, experts in “Tradigital”, helping businesses leverage their traditional and digital marketing to attract more customers and get more value from marketing dollars.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why you need to integrate your traditional and digital marketing to get more bang for your marketing buck
  • The true difference between traditional and digital marketing
  • Why a lot of professional services businesses are afraid of digital
  • What you need to look at when measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing
  • What you can be doing now to combine and align offline and online marketing

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