Are you focusing any marketing efforts on delighting your current customers and creating enthusiastic brand advocates? Leveraging your customer value is a key way to fast track your business growth. For long term success, repeat purchases from your current customers is just as important as marketing to and acquiring new customers. In Don Peppers’ book, the One-to-One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time, he talks about the idea of switching marketers’ thinking from share of market to share of customer. It’s cheaper to increase sales from your existing customers than to acquire new ones.

Our guest today on the Marketing Crunch Podcast is a business owner who focusses a majority of her marketing efforts on increasing the value of her existing clients. Steph Hinds is the founder of Growthwise, an accounting firm based in Newcastle offering small business accounting on steroids that focuses on your entire business to automate, streamline and improve your systems, processes and profits. Steph and her ninjas over at Growthwise simply want to help business owners kick ass. She believes that you need to stay focused on the needs of your existing customers and build on that relationship, this way they are less likely to give in to competitors.

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