Every element of your brand, from your colour scheme to the culture code statements, the logo, products and people, every element forms a part of a story, hopefully a great story. And a great story makes people feel something, and those emotions form a strong bond between the audience and the storyteller. In the old days, business owners in professional services didn’t really focus too much on their brand at all, they simply focussed on delivering a specialised service, plain and simple.

But today, these businesses need to change their approach and start focussing more on their brand. Brand storytelling isn’t a new concept, and it’s popularity amongst small to medium sized businesses has exploded into mainstream marketing in recent years. However, marketers have been telling brand stories for years through various forms of advertising and brand experiences on a mass scale.

Today, some businesses fail to look beyond the strategy that’s in front of them to the thing that drives every marketing communication piece they develop, their brand story. So, do you have a brand story to tell? Is it evident in everything you do? In your marketing, your internal communications and meetings?

In this episode, Amey Lee joins the podcast to chat about all things surrounding brand story. With a career in the communications industry that spans more than ten years, Amey is an integrated communications specialist. She also a strategist, copywriter, content lover and Director of Heart Content, a brand and content agency who can help you find your brand story and then tell it in a way that wins your customer’s heart. Amey shares her wisdom on brand story, what it actually is, how to find it, and how brand story fits into your overall marketing strategy.


  • What is a brand story and how do we find it within our business
  • Why we need a brand story before any form of marketing should happen
  • How your brand story fits in with your content
  • The important of communicating your brand story with your team for overall consistency and alignment.

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