Marketing expertise

Over 10 years in marketing and advertising.

What I Do

With so many marketing strategies, tools, and channels to choose from in marketing a business today, it’s easy to get lost in the saturated landscape. Tys doesn’t pretend to be a specialist in all facets of marketing, only those he has a proven success and passion. Check out some of the areas of marketing Tys specialises in.

Inbound Marketing

Over the past 5 years Tys has emerged himself in the world of Inbound Marketing, soaking up everything there is to know about the inbound methodology and helping implement inbound marketing strategies for various businesses to achieve sustainable growth.

Video Marketing

Video isn’t the future of content marketing, it’s happening right now. Tys uses his strategic mindset & background in Film and Television to develop video marketing strategies with a compelling message that will build trust and move an audience to action.

B2B Marketing Strategy

It’s easy for B2B businesses to become overwhelmed with the plethora of marketing options available. Tys has proven B2B marketing expertise and helps make the complicated look & sound simple, as well as provide tailored and measurable marketing strategies.

Take a look at some of the brands Tys has worked on


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