Guy Pearson of Practice Ignition joins the podcast to talk about how he positioned his firm in the market as the “start-up accountants”.

Before founding Practice Ignition (a software tool to manage the relationships between accountants and their clients), Guy co-founded Interactive Accounting, an accounting firm with a young motivated team focusing on client service, and harnessing the

Guy and Tys talk about the Interactive Accounting marketing journey and how he grew the firm so quickly using simple marketing strategies.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Guy positioned the firm as the “Start-up Accountants” by understanding exactly who he wanted to target and how to clearly communicate the firms’ mission to his target market
  • Why Guy believes that you need to “deal with clients who are the right fit” and then be where those clients are
  • How by being the enabler of better learning through things like events, meetups and content allows you to give something relevant and valuable to the natural fit clients.



If you know how you want to position your firm, you need to understand how to clearly communicate that positioning to the market. In Guy’s instance, he successfully positioned Interactive Accounting as the start-up accountant. He did this by marketing to the start-up market segment consistently over time. He focused on a niche, and everything they did was targeted to that niche until eventually, they were given the label of the start-up accountants.


This comes down to understanding exactly who you most ideal client is. If you have a listen to episode 4 on the Marketing Crunch Podcast, you will hear how to create your buyer persona, which is a semi fictional representation of your most ideal client. Knowing who your ideal clients are will enable you to deal with clients coming through the door who are a natural fit, and focus less energy on those leads that are not. Once you start dealing with leads and clients who are more natural fit for your firm, start giving them something relevant and valuable to them and their circumstances. Guy used the example of putting on an event or meetup for plumbers. Now, if you were targeting plumbers as your “natural fit” clients, you wouldn’t go and put on an event for plumbers at the Hilton at 6pm at night, would you? If you understand who your ideal client is, this will give you more control over which leads and clients are a natural fit for you.

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